Data Science Program: Curriculum

5 Online Courses  •  15 Credits  •  8-Week Terms 

Truman State University’s Graduate Certificate in Data Science consists of five online courses (15 credits), including a capstone experience.

  • PDAT 610G   Introduction to Data Science [3 credit hours]

    Two prerequisites: CS 170 Introduction to Computer Science and STAT 190 Basic Statistics or their equivalents (Need to take these prerequisites? See Admission Requirements for more details.)
    A study of what data science is, how it works, and its impact on our world, and the tools used in its practice. 

  • PDAT 611G   Big Data Management [3 credit hours]

    Prerequisite: PDAT 610G
    Exploration of data analysis of very large data sets. Problems of scalability, network failure, and ill-suited data sets. Examination of the capabilities and limitations of available tools.

  • PDAT 613G   Data Mining [3 credit hours]

    Prerequisite: PDAT 610G
    An exploration of techniques used to find patterns in very large data sets, with an emphasis on the statistical structure of the approaches and practical uses of key tools. 

  • PDAT 615G   Machine Learning [3 credit hours]

    Prerequisite – PDAT 610G
    This course introduces the theory and practice of machine learning.  Statistical learning techniques such as regression, regularization, and principal component analysis are covered.  Programming in a popular machine learning language such as R or Python is reviewed.  Approaches such as neural networks, support vector machines, unsupervised learning, and reinforcement learning are covered.

  • PDAT 620G   Capstone [3 credit hours]

    Prerequisite – PDAT 610G
    This course serves as the culmination of the data science certificate program.  Students, working alone or in a pre-approved group, complete a data science project within their given discipline.  The deliverables for this project include a technical paper (written in R Markdown) that details the project and the steps taken, and an online presentation of the results.

Hands-On Mastery Learning

Our curriculum is designed to help you demonstrate mastery of the concepts you are learning. While you complete formative assessments that help you understand concepts, the summative assessments you complete won’t just be traditional exams. Instead, you’ll develop projects that actually apply what you learn to real-world data problems. What’s more, you’ll finish your program with a capstone focused on applying your data science skills to your field of work.

All of our classes employ adaptive learning technology. That means you’ll be asked questions along your way that test your understanding. When you get an answer wrong, you’ll get feedback and/or be directed to additional questions to help make sure you’ve firmly grasped the concept. Our faculty, along with an Academic Success Mentor specifically assigned to support you, will be able to look at data analytics to see where you might need help. You’ll be able to confidently advance to your class projects knowing you’ve mastered concepts as you’ve progressed.

Certifying Completion

Upon the successful completion of the Data Science Graduate Certificate Program, you will receive a notation on your transcript and a certificate suitable for display.  

To certify formal completion, you will need to complete this form to initiate verification.